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If you would like to see your name here, visit the Submissions page and send us your work to be considered.

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  1. The chance to see your idea turned into a fantastic book with industry professionals working at each stage of the process.
  2. Chance to make a career out of writing or earn extra money in addition to your main job
  3. Entry into prizes such as the Booker Prize, Women’s Prize for fiction, Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, Costa Book of the Year Guradian First Book Award
  4. We organise author talks and book signings at libraries, bookshops e.t.c. so you can meet your fans
  5. Leave a legacy behind you

     Benefits of Publishing with Akasha   

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     What happens when I submit my book?   

  1. We aim to review it within 4-6 weeks and make a decision
  2. If we feel that your book is right for us we will contact you and discuss the publishing procedure including outline, terms and questions you may have.
  3. We will then send you a contract, and once agreed by both parties, you can send us payment to begin the publication of your book. Payment can be made in full or on an agreed part payment plan.
  4. We will then start working on your book and inform you of the process during each stage.